Imperialism it aint no statistic
Inferior visions, imperialistic

Imperialism ain't no statistic admit it
Witness the fitness
Euphemistically close fisting the system
No gimmicks
The shit I spit's for cynics
So listen quick
Convincing the mass of mimics, imperialism is open for business

Au Revoir, gotta close them borders hard and fast
Now the regiment's armed, for this real world drill that'll leave'em scars
It seems that half, of all you fucks believe that farce
But it means that half of you turn your back on the shit they taught in class
Never wanna be another mother fucker that's passing the buck
Run down like a Mac Truck sucker
Gotta take what you read with a grain of salt
And a little bit of class mother fucker
From Martin Place to Wall Street
And we occupy your mind
While the real enemy, creates enemies to propagate online
And now with barriers around Paris
Nefarious calamities are planned
Under the martial panic see?
And it's easy to be pessimistic
Negativity's intrinsic with Imperial systems
This Ornament bears witness
Use these Bitcoins, crowd fund another hit list
Shit, it's so easy to spit
When you know that your shit is legit
There's still fight in this
Don't hide behind the lies of ignorance
Or else you might convince
The lesser minds to follow this


Now slow it down
Their plan surrounds, hammering down
But focus now
The power to stop it is here in our hands
So take a stand
In a minute you'll be thinking it's a passing trend
Truth is my friend
This is only the beginning of a new world end
Ki Fe
Ki to per fe
Mo bize, to keep this shit fair
Nu ale, de ga ze von se
Keeping it moving yeah
And even if the rest are feeling pressure
Up against ya chest, just rest assure
This Ornament will rep for all
Their shameful statements
That the rest regurgitate verbatim
Ya know I never wanna make'em
Feel they won this leg, cuz the victims hate'em
My mind I'm making, up and now I'm shaking
Finding statements
That'll make you hate them as much as I did when I found their intentions were vacant
Fuck that!
I wanna rep it for the rest of all the kids that wanna live instead of being told to...
Fuck that!
I wanna give them all a voice, instead of take away the choice...
So the government can suck that!
I wanna let'em all know that I step on toes with a legion
We don't forgive
We don't forget
Expect us
To be defending your freedom



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